Ruby on Rails


Doximity — The physician’s private network, accessible wherever you are.

Agora Games

Major League Gaming


Integrated MLS services into local database. Worked with a team to continue development on the Sequoia system, a Rails application serving real estate websites.


MajorLeaguePong is an open source statistic tracking system for pong players.


PRODfusion: BaseCamp done right.



Now known as PickTeams, I was consulted on designing an augmented version of their interface and user flow for their GoCrossCampus gaming site. The job encompassed building a Facebook application, CSS, Adobe Fireworks, HTML, PHP (Zend), and Smarty Templates.

PickTeams now offers other unique games within the online social gaming genre.

This kind of game is a product of how people live and interact today--a tool that enhances real-world collaboration.

Jonathan Rochelle
Product Manager, Google



PicPocket started as a project to enter into the photo sharing market. We were in direct competition with Shutterfly, Flikr, and Snapfish. However, we did it better than them. With propreitary image enhancement, we could turn cell phone images into a higher quality - you might say something worth looking at. We also planned to use geocoding and stenography and explored the option of an iPhone app based on current location, which we thought would be cool in a stadium or concert hall.

We had shot at market share, the technology was even there, but the management just was not. Several executives and investors denied the project funding.


Canova Construction

With some simple PHP scripting and a fancy jQuery gallery I was able to finish this job efficiently. I created the brand identity, logo, SEO, and portfolio for the client.

Get A Hobby Design

Developed a personal portfolio for a graphic designer in North Boston. Client designs brochures and other larger pieces of art that pop out. By using jQuery animations we were able to emulate a similar effect for his web site.


Four Bridges Four Bridges

Lysergic Bliss Lysergic Bliss

Impossible Is Nothing Impossible Is Nothing

Mayor Angel Police Mayor Angel Police